Hello, guys !

Welcome to our blog !

But, first.. Let us introduce our blog to you..

We are “Taecyeon FanID” family !!

  • What is “Taecyeon FanID” means ?

“Taecyeon” stands for 2PM’s OK TAECYEON, where 2PM is a boyband from Korea with 6 members under JYP Entertainment, that was formed in 2008. “Fan” means FANS. And “ID” stands for INDONESIA.

So, Taecyeon FanID means an Indonesian Fanbase for 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon.

YES ! We are from INDONESIA. But, don’t worry.. In this blog, we will give you articles in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

  • When was Taecyeon FanID formed ?

Taecyeon FanID was formed on December 5th,2011. We start our journey on twitter with a fanpage account on twitter called @TAECYEON_FANID . This fanbase  specifically talk about 2PM’s Taecyeon and dedicated to all of OK TAECYEON fans (usually called as OKTIZEN) in Indonesia.

  • How many staffs in Taecyeon FanID ?

Until July 2012, we have 9 staffs in our fanbase.. And here’s the details :

1. Admin Ar (founder)

2. Admin Vie (founder)

3. Admin Raa (secretary)

4. Admin Dee (wordpress staff)

5. Admin Yun (wordpress staff)

6. Admin Obe (translator)

7. Staff Cat (twitter staff)

8. Staff Jen (twitter staff)

9. Staff Vio (twitter staff)

[You will see admins’ nickname on the bottom of every articles which originaly posted by us or repost with Indonesia translate on it in our blog AND in our twitter fanpage (@TAECYEON_FANID) everytime we update our twitter with news, facts, and also games].

Hopefully, with the formation of this fanbase, all of 2PM’s fans or usually called as HOTTEST, especially Oktizens in Indonesia will be united. And In the future, we’ll always give our biggest support to 2PM and Ok Taecyeon.

Contact Admin at okcatfanid@yahoo.com

or @TAECYEON_FANID’s twitter account


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