[PICS][INFO] 131011 Taecyeon’s Presentation at OkCat Live Launching Event


Some of the things that happened at the event:

  • Taecyeon says he’s not gonna grow his hair long anymore. He said sorry for this one year when he had long hair. (via @Egle0702)
  • Taecyeon is talking about how OkCat came to being. “If you keep on smiling all the time, it’s gonna be really awkward for me.” (via @Egle0702)
  • The big cat is a cushion. “Big size and small size both cute, I’m cute too”. Fans: KYAH (via @Egle0702)
  • Taecyeon doesn’t really know why OkCat is green himself lol (via @Egle0702)
  • “Ok Cat doesn’t wear any clothes.” (via @Egle0702)
  • Taecyeon said he wants to introduce his products like Steve Jobs. This guy! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (via @luvOkCat)
  • Taecyeon says that as he tried to use all the goods, cushion seems to be the most comfortable. (via @Egle0702)
  • Taecyeon promises to post a new wallpaper each month. (via @Egle0702)
  • Taecyeon is thinking of adding sub character. “Just because I’m adding a female cat character it doesn’t mean I have a girlfriend!” (Yeon Cat) (via @Egle0702)
  • LOL, “I don’t know if it goes really well, maybe I’ll make an OkCat-land”. (via @Egle0702)
  • The offline store for OkCat World might be opened later on if the business goes well. (via @Egle0702)
  • It’s just a first line of the goods. There’s gonna be a 2nd line next year. There should be OkCat socks in the 2nd goods line. Fans ask for bag and camera pouch, rain coat and umbrella. (via @Egle0702)
  • Taecyeon said he made a lot of preparations but they forbid him to disclose everything. It’s been a long time since I became okspoiler. though I really want to tell you, I’m trying my best to hold it in. (via @saltaec)

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