[NEWS] 130726 2PM′s Ok Taecyeon Hangs From a Rooftop for ′Who Are You′


Ok Taecyeon put his muscles to good use, perfectly executing a bit of wire action on a rooftop.

The tvN special Who Are You: Secret File 130729 that aired on July 23 showed Ok Taecyeon filming a dangerous-looking action scene.

Taecyeon was shown on wires in hot summer weather, filming a scene in which he had to hang onto the edge of a rooftop with one hand. He had to wear wires for over an hour for this scene.

Taecyeon said, “It was okay when I had to run around and be hit with things since I had to be in an investigation, but the wire action was really hard. I had to lie down for a while after that shoot because I became exhausted for the first time in a while.”

Producer Lee Min Jin of Who Are You said, “We have a lot of difficult scenes, but the actors have been perfecting them with their passion. Their health is as important as their emotions and their acting, and we′re thankful the actors have been taking care of themselves. You′ll be able to see why Ok Taecyeon had to hang from a rooftop and how that scene will turn out in the episode to air soon.”

Who Are You will air its first episode on July 29.

Ok Taecyeon menggunakan otot-ototnya dengan baik, sempurna untuk melakukan sedikit aksi kawat di atap.

tvN sprcial Who Are You: Secret File 130729 yang ditayangkan pada tanggal 23 Juli menunjukkan Ok Taecyeon syuting adegan aksi yang terlihat berbahaya.

Taecyeon terlihat menggunakan kabel dalam cuaca musim panas, syuting adegan di mana ia harus menggantung ke tepi atap dengan satu tangan. Dia harus memakai kabel selama lebih dari satu jam untuk adegan ini.

Taecyeon mengatakan, “Itu baik-baik saja ketika aku harus berlari-lari dan dipukul dengan hal-hal karena aku harus berada di investigasi, tapi aksi kawat benar-benar susah. Aku harus berbaring selama beberapa saat setelah syuting karena aku menjadi kelelahan untuk pertama kalinya dalam beberapa saat.”

Produser Lee Min Jin dari Who Are You berkata, “Kami memiliki banyak adegan yang sulit, tetapi pemain telah menyempurnakan mereka dengan semangat mereka. Kesehatan mereka sama pentingnya dengan emosi dan akting mereka, dan kita bersyukur si pemain telah merawat diri. Anda akan dapat melihat mengapa Ok Taecyeon harus menggantung dari atap dan bagaimana adegan yang akan dimunculkan di episode yang akan ditayangkan segera.”

Episode pertama Who Are You akan ditayangkan pada 29 Juli.

original article: enewsworld, Ind trans by dee@TaecyeonFanID



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