[Trans][News] 130506 [TRANS] ‘Album of the Week’ 2PM Comeback, M.A.T.U.R.E.M.E.N’s music ‘GROWN’


Comeback after 2 years, stories of music and love of six mature men

Six M.A.T.U.R.E men, 2PM comes back.

2PM who caught the eyes of Asia with ‘beastly-idol’ charms through Asia Tour Concert, Arena Tour Concert, Tokyo Dome Concert to name a few, are finally coming back to their home ground after 2 years and releasing their third regular album ‘GROWN’. GROWN is an album that holds deep charms of the six members that have ‘grown’ as men, as musicians and ‘matured’ during the past 2 years. Not only do the 2PM members show off their musical maturity through an impressive track list, their obvious masculinity makes one’s heart beat faster.

GROWN displays love and emotions of grown and mature m.e.n through 12 tracks including two double titles, ‘Come back when you hear this song’ and ‘Ha.Ni.Ppun (All Day Think Of You)’. Junho and Jun.K gained attention as lyricists, composers and singer-songwriters through their songs – Zero Point, Go Back and Love Song for Junho, Game Over and Suddenly for Jun.K. Chansung took part in writing lyrics for Coming Down, whereas Taecyeon took part in rap making for 6 songs – Ha.Ni.Ppun, Comeback when you hear this song, I’m Sorry, One More Day, Coming Down and Go Back. All of the members portrayed their heart and emotions of mature men through their extensive work for this album.

2PM’s serene emotion that can be felt in the title song ‘Comeback when you hear this song’ is the first song that opens up the second half of 2PM’s singer-life, who are coming back to Korea after 2 years. An emotional melody and serene lyrics that portray desperate feelings of a man who regrets parting with his lover rings one’s heart. Refrained but dandy Western Style choreography is also notable.

The other title song ‘Ha.Ni.Ppun’ is a song about a man who sings of his precious love. This song gives a refreshing shock through an orchestration mixed with South hip-hop, flawless rhythm and lyrics. Straight forward but sensual expression along with the repetitive lyrics of ‘all day think of you’ mixes well with the interesting intro of the song and leaves a strong impact. It’s a song that marks the peak of 2PM’s stylishness along with overflowing sex appeal.

G.R.O.W.N Men 2PM’s Music and Love

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