[News] 130502 2PM attends the opening ceremony of the ’2PM Zone’ in Gangnam


The treats from 2PM keep coming as there is an exciting event in store for HOTTESTs in Korea!

2PM has teamed up with Gangnam district and ‘G+ Dream Project‘ to start a ‘2PM Zone‘ located at Apgujeong Rodeo Street in Gangnam which will run for three months. 2PM attended the ceremony themselves offering an opening statement as well as cutting the tape.

The official full name of the ’2PM Zone’ is ‘2PM-G+ STAR ZONE‘ and is a partnership between Gangnam district and Hallyu stars to give back to disadvantaged children through the ‘G+ Dream Project’. Hallyu stars who take part in the ‘G+ STAR ZONE’ program get a designated zone where fans can take part in various events as well as donations.

Gangnam’s reps stated, “2PM have been active in their overseas activities and have become one of Hallyu icons by successfully wrapping up their Asia tour, arena tour, and Tokyo dome tour. As representative artists who are receiving a lot of love from Asia, they have been selected as the first stars to take part in ‘G+ Dream Project’s ‘G+ STAR ZONE’. Ahead of their comeback this May, we anticipate the synergy effect of 2PM and ’G+ Dream Project’ to attract a big response.”

The ’2PM-G+ STAR ZONE’ will feature a ‘photo zone’ where fans can admire life-size photos of 2PM, a ‘stage zone’ where fans can view 2PM performance videos, a ‘donation zone’ where fans can directly donate to charity, and an ‘event zone’ where fans can take part in hand printing activities and various contents.

The special zone made for HOTTESTs will be available for three months until July 31st, while 2PM will return with their new album on May 6th!


original article : allkpop , repost by dee@TaecyeonFanID



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