[News] 130429 JYP Entertainment releases track list for 2PM’s double title track 3rd album, ‘Grown’


Finally, 2PM has revealed information about their 3rd album that doesn’t require a Ph.D in astrophysics to decipher. JYP Entertainment revealed that 2PM’s album is titled ‘Grown‘ and consists of 12 tracks.

Having successfully completed their Tokyo Dome concerts, 2PM are going full speed ahead on their comeback after a two-year hiatus. The album’s tracklist contains lyrics and production by the members themselves as well as contributions from talented producers. The double title track album contains the following twelve tracks:

1.  All Day I Think of You (Title Song)
Lyrics/Composed/Arranged: J.Y. Park
Rap Making: Taecyeon aka TY

2.  Listen to This Song and Come Back (Title Song)
Lyrics/Composed/Arranged: J.Y. Park
Rap Making: Taecyeon aka TY

3.  Back to Square One
Lyrics/Composed: Hong Jisang & Lee Junho
Arranged: Hong Jisang

4.  I’m Sorry
Lyrics/Composed: Dokebi
Arranged: Dokebi, Jung Min Hyung
Rap Making: Taecyeon aka TY

5.  Today Marks the 1st Day
Lyrics: Yeom Donggeon, RP-T, 17HOLIC
Composed/Arranged: Yeom Donggeon

6.  Dangerous
Lyrics/Composed: Ryan
Arranged: Ryan, Moon Chang Gyoo

7.  Just For Today
Lyrics/Composed: Shim Eunji
Rap Making: Taecyeon aka TY

8.  Game Over
Lyrics/Composed: Duble Sidekick/OneWay’s Chance & Jun. K
Arranged: Double Sidekick/OneWay’s Chance

9.  Coming Down
Lyrics: Hwang Chansung
Composed/Arranged: east4A
Rap Making: Taecyeon aka TY

10. Go Back
Lyrics/Composed: Hong Jisang & Lee Junho
Arranged: Hong Jisang
Rap Making: Taecyeon aka TY

11. Love Song
Lyrics/Composed: Hong Jisang & Lee Junho
Arranged: Hong Jisang

12. Suddenly
Lyrics/Composed: Jun. K
Arranged: Lei, Shim Eunji

Don’t forget that the ‘2PM Comeback Show‘ will air on May 11th on MBC.

What song are you most excited to hear?

original article : allkpop , repost by dee@TaecyeonFanID



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