[SNS][Twitter] 130103 – 130104 Taecyeon’s Twitter Updates

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@taeccool: TTS: One More Chance – 널 생각해 이노래를 들으면서 오늘은 이제 택나잇합니당~ 여러분들도 택나잇~><

@taeccool: TTS: One More Chance – “Thinking of You” Listen to this song while it’s Taecnight~ Everyone Taecnight~><

@taeccool: TTS: One More Chance – “Thinking of You” Mendengarkan lagu ini saat di Taecnight~ Semuanya Taecnight~><

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@taeccool: 귀여운 예린이~ 노래했쪄요?? 들으어 가볼까나?? RT @yerinbaek: youtube.com/watch?v=Q1tGsjZ9CqQ 많이 봐주세요. 저희 은지언니 @eznotes 랑 정말 열심히했어요. 얼굴은..보지마시구요

@taeccool: Cute Yerin-ie~ You sang a song?? Should I have a listen?? RT @yerinbaek: youtube.com/watch?v=Q1tGsjZ9CqQ Please have a look. Worked really hard with Eunji unni @eznotes Don’t…look at my face

@taeccool: Yerin-ie imut~ Kamu menyanyikan lagu sedih?? Haruskah aku mendengarnya?? RT @yerinbaek: youtube.com/watch?v=Q1tGsjZ9CqQ Silakan dilihat. Bekerja keras dengan Eunji unni @eznotes Jangan…melihat wajahku

>> Tweet Capture and Indonesia trans by dee@TaecyeonFanID , English trans by fyeahokcat <<



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