Hello, HOTTESTs! 🙂

INDONESIAN TAECYEON FANS UNITED proudly presents “OKCAT OCEAN” project for TAECYEON in 2PM “What Time Is It?” LIVE TOUR 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We will distribute FREE 1000 OkCat Lollipop for festival (standing area).

During Taecyeon’s solo stage (“It’s Time“), please raise the OkCat Lollipop up, so Taecyeon can see it! 😉

Jadi, nanti saat di venue tanggal 8 Desember 2012, kami akan membagikan 1000 OkCat lollipop secara GRATIS! 🙂

Saat Taecyeon tampil solo, tolong OkCat Lollipop-nya diangkat tinggi-tinggi ya dan jangan diturunkan sebelum perform selesai.

Saat OkCat Ocean berlangsung, mohon pengertian teman-teman Hottest untuk menurunkan atribut lain selain OkCat Lollipop.

Ayo, sukseskan project ini ya! And make our lovely Taecyeon always remember us! 😀


Best Regards,



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Taecyeon Indonesia™

- The 1st Indonesian Fanbase of 2PM’s OK TAECYEON. We share the latest news, pictures and anything about Ok Taecyeon and 2PM - contact us » okcatfanid@yahoo.com

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