[News] Chuseok special ‘Miss and Mister Idol Korea’ to feature 16 idol groups

This Chuseok, MBC will be airing a new special, ‘Miss and Mister Idol Korea‘ on October 1st, featuring members of 8 girl groups including KARA, 4minute, SECRET, Orange Caramel, A Pink, and more, as well as members of 8 boy groups including 2PM, INFINITE, MBLAQ, ZE:A, and others.

The preliminary rounds will feature the idols in formal dresses and suits, and the idols themselves twill decide on who continues into the next round by voting themselves on the program. The girls dazzled in their beautiful dresses, and the boys impressed with their clean-cut suits, as all of the idols participated in dance performances and sweet “proposals” to capture each other’s hearts.

An interesting aspect of the show is that it features individual rounds and competition, as opposed to the usual group efforts. 2PM’s Taecyeon and MBLAQ’s G.O are said to have gone into a competitive “clothes-ripping battle” to see who could rip off the other’s clothes faster.

The girls also participated in a “no-rule” game of basketball, allowing them to use whatever fouls they could. ‘Reply 1997‘ star and A Pink member Eunji also battled it out with After School‘s Lizzy in satoori (dialect), as the two are both from Busan.

original article : allkpop , repost by dee@TaecyeonFanID

[INDONESIA ARTICLE] “16 Grup Idola Korea Selatan Ikuti Pemilihan ‘Miss and Mister Idol'”

Para personil boyband dan girlband Korea Selatan dikenal memiliki wajah cantik nan tampan. Apa jadinya jika kecantikan dan ketampanan mereka ini diadu dalam sebuah kontes pemilihan idola. Konsep inilah yang rupanya diusung oleh stasiun MBC lewat acara “Miss and Mister Idol”.

Baru-baru ini MBC mengumumkan akan menayangkan acara tersebut dengan melibatkan 16 girlband dan boyband Korea Selatan. Peserta acara ini terdiri dari para personil 8 girlband Korea diantaranya Kara, 4Minute, Secret, Orange Caramel, A Pink dan lain-lain. Sedangkan peserta prianya akan diikuti personil 8 boyband seperti 2PM, MBLAQ dan lain-lain.

Babak pertama acara tersebut akan menampilkan idola-idola ini dalam balutan busana formal. Mereka kemudian diminta untuk memilih siapakah kontestan favorit mereka yang akan lolos ke babak berikutnya. Semua idola ini juga sempat menampilkan tarian mereka dan melakoni adegan lamaran yang romantis.

Kejadian-kejadian kocak juga menghiasi acara tersebut, salah satunya saat Taecyeon 2PM dan Lee Joon MBLAQ bersaing siapakah idola yang paling cepat merobek kaos. Rencananya, “Miss and Mister Idol” akan ditayangkan pada 1 Oktober waktu setempat di stasiun MBC.

original article : wowkeren , repost by dee@TaecyeonFanID



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