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Taecyeon as a member of 2pm, as an artist, the things that he wants to do, the things that he should do and his future plannings.

Q: It has been almost a year and a half since you debuted in Japan, no matter in music, drama, variety shows and more, 2pm has been quite diligent to expand in all different fields. Taecyeon is not only active in your solo activities but you’re also learning how to compose.
A: Yes, I am working really hard on it. During the Budokan concert in May, i performed two of my self-composed songs for my Solo stage. One is a sexy and slow song while the other is a song that portrays a sad feeling. I am really happy that everyone could listen to it. (the songs), but I wonder how are the fans’ reactions…

Q: The songs that you will compose in the future, will it become a song for 2pm, in any of the album?
A: I feel that composing is a way to display my personal charm. Songs that I wrote for myself. I hope that it will not be published, but I will continue to perform the songs that I compose in concert during my Solo stage.

Q: When was the first time you start composing?
A: It was during January (2012) as it was the first time to have a month off since the day I debuted. I’ve used all the time that I could and went for classes. I started composing because of that. Looking at Junho and Junsu (composing their own songs), I felt that it will be really great if an artist can compose his own songs, thus I ended up using the piano to compose the chords and used the computer to add on the tempo and beats.

Q: You hardly got a long holiday but you went for classes most of the time?
A: Actually I’ve planned to have a trip with my family members but the dance teacher advised us saying that : ‘You guys are still not yet the best in the world, the best in Asia, and still not the best in Korea (group). You’ve got to practice more, to show others that you’ve got more talent and skills. Since you don’t always get such chances, shouldn’t you learn more stuff and keep practicing?” All because of these words, I decided to go to classes. This is so because since I’ve debuted I was busy most of the time and I rarely have the chance to attend classes, I feel like I’ve forgotten most of the things that I learned when I was still a trainee. After I started this, I’ve accomplished the things that I want to do one by one. A month flew by in a blink of an eye. I didn’t get to have a vacation at last. But I’m still really grateful and thanks to this one month of break, the fans got to listen to the songs I composed. I felt really satisfied as I went through this one month doing beneficial things, it was a really fruitful month.

Q: You have to practice even when you have some free time, after schedule and you even attended classes during the one month break. Although it looks like you don’t really have time to play, but (someone once said) that you’re the member that has the most female friends?
A: Although I have such an image, but it’s not true. Because I’ve participated in variety shows, I tend to have more friends but I’m not really that popular. The most popular member should be….Junsu? Junho? Umm…it isn’t? (laughs) Well…of course it’s me! (LOL TAEC)

Q: What’s your secret to be popular?
A: I just said that I’m not really popular T__T

Q: You once mentioned about your ideal type of girl, is it still the same now?
A: My ideal type of girl is someone who is clear about what she wants and someone who is confident about herself. I wouldn’t care much about how she look if I really like her.

Q: If you are in a relationship, are you one that leads? Or the other way round?
A: I think it changes time to time, it depends on my feelings.

Q: When you’re with 2PM, what is your position?
A: There are 3 members that are younger than me, as a part of the Old Boys Team I want to be someone where the younger ones can rely on. But the members always tease me saying that I’m like a Dad who works really hard but only sleep when I’m at home. Well I’m also the “Ho-Oh Representative” on stage because I’m the one who will shout and respond with “Say Ho-oh! Ho-oh!”. When I couldn’t attend live performances sometimes, the members will tell me that it is really tough without a “Ho-Oh Representative” LOL

Q: As an artist, what are your future goals?
A: I want people to approve and recognize me. For example like getting first for our albums, getting first for the ratings of my dramas. It is difficult to say that I’ve succeeded in a sense but I feel that that’s one of the way of receiving approval and compliments. As a member of 2PM, my goal is to keep moving forward together with the other members. To me, our members are my friends and family who have gone through all the ups and downs, through thick and thin, and overcome all the obstacles with me. They are colleagues that I can really rely and trust on. I feel at ease and really safe to be around them. I feel really blissful and blessed to have them and that’s why I want to continue to walk this road with all of the members at present.

Q: In your opinion how many percent will you rate the idea of ‘Ideal 2PM’ as of now?
A: As for this…I think it’s about 20%. This is so as we still have a very long way to go.

scans cr : 2PMio , English trans by Baidu 2PM 组合吧 , repost by dee@TaecyeonFanID



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