[Trans] 120720 Jung Sunhee’s A Night Like Tonight – Wooyoung Talks About Taecyeon

DJ: Between the members, who would be the one who wouldn’t resolve easily if he’s hurt in some way? Opposite to Wooyoung-shi who can easily feel better if somebody buys you ice cream~
WY: Yes, uhm..there’s a member that keeps getting praises because afraid that he’ll be hurt if he’s criticized instead..

DJ: Oh, JYP does that?
WY: It’s just really obvious!

DJ: Even JYP has to do that..?
WY: If JYP criticize him just a bit harder, he really might leave us..!

DJ: Who is it?
WY: Taecyeon Hyung…

DJ: Really?!
WY: His heart is really weak. It’s really really weak~

DJ: Really? It really doesn’t seem like it.
WY: He’s the weakest of us all.

DJ: Even with all that muscles?
WY: Those muscles are just a cover. Now that I think about it, I think that may be the reason he created the muscles.

DJ: His heart seems to be very weary..
WY: So whenever he’s very happy and excited, we have to look at him closely. Like he’s always very good at being very happy, doing aegyo voices and such. So when he’s happier than usual, sometimes we’d scared, we’d tell him to stop because it’s making us worry about him.

DJ: Even if he’s happy, he can’t hide his feelings..
WY: He really can’t hide it his feelings from us, he always express his feelings to us.

DJ: He’s like an innocent child~ but things like ice creams won’t make him feel better.
WY: Actually he’s the one who buys ice cream for me~

DJ: Indeed, a child knows a child best~
WY: It seems so~

DJ: So he gets hurt easily so you guys should..
WY: Yes, that’s why Jinyoung Hyung always praises him~

Source : cfile1.uf.tistory.com , English trans by bbiyak25 , repost by dee@TaecyeonFanID



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2 thoughts on “[Trans] 120720 Jung Sunhee’s A Night Like Tonight – Wooyoung Talks About Taecyeon”

  1. that is tru i feel the same for
    Taec, he has great heart, i love him , is so p
    ure like child, same is suzy, the2 of them are perfect couple, nice, cute, natural, beauty, innocent, sexy, great heart, great personality, real people

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