[News] 120612 Revealing 2PM’s daily life routines ‘the natural and bursting energetic charms of 2PM’

Revealing 2PM’s daily life routines ‘the natural and bursting energetic charms of 2PM’.

The No.1 Asian boyband 2PM, dubbed the ‘beast idol’, who are completed with singing and dancing abilities as well as their fun, easygoing characters, had quickly earned popularities among Japanese fans in a short time.

6 Beautiful Days concert in 6 days at Nippon Budokan and another 2 days of concert in Yokohama was overwhelmingly successful. And today, we (K Style) had faxed interviews with 2PM about what they do during free time for the readers to relieve our longing of 2PM.

Q: At this moment we can say that you are very successful in Japan. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ‘2PM’s charms’
Chansung (CS) – Natural!
Junho (JH) – Strong and well defined figures
Wooyoung (WY) – Energy that cannot be contained
Nichkhun (NK) – Overflowing with energy
Junsu (JS) – Polite, joyous, hot
Taecyeon (TY) – Beast!

Q: With strong well shaped bodies, it is only appropriate you are called the “Asia’s No.1 Beast Idol”. These bodies can easily melt every girl’s heart. How do you take care of your figures?
CS – Eat little and exercise a lot
JH – Exercising everyday
WY – Drinking lots of water also helps
NK – Choosing to eat only nutritious food to avoid extra fat
JS – Move your body constantly
TY – I attend some muscle building workshops, but whenever you are free, just try to exercise

Q: Seems like Wooyoung have been exercising quite often…trying to build up those muscles. How are the members reaction when they’ve seen the muscles?
WY: They all complimented me well! So I’ll try even harder from now on!

Q: Junho have tweeted your diet menu which have created quite a reaction Are you always on a diet?
JH: Usually I just eat whatever I feel like, but if there is a order to lose weight or firm up muscles then a diet is necessary. It’s quite suffering.

Q: In your new single「Beautiful」, the Mermaid Dance that involves a chair is being talked about virally. Tell us the main points of the Mermaid Dance.
CS – Waving your upper body to lower body while holding on to the chair
JH – Dancing with a chair, the main point is the waving
WY – Wave
NK – It’s a performance that exhibits our muscles strength, sexiness and beautifulness
JS – Moving your hips in a sexy way
TY – Dancing with a chair, it’s an acrobatic dance

Q: Each member’s character on the stage and on a resting day seems to be different. I wonder whose image on the stage and in real life is the most different?
CS – Me on the stage and me in real life are quite different. But no matter what character I’m showing, it’s still me (laughs)
JH – Isn’t everybody like that? (laughs)
NK – Shouldn’t it be Junsu? On stage, he is very charming, showing everyone his passionate vocals. Whilst in real life he’s very humorous, one who always creates a good atmosphere

Q: Which 2PM member is the most popular? Give us reasons.
CS – All of us
JS – Nichkhun. He’s cool and has good manners

Q: Junsu who is popular and charming, and also has good fashions sense. What style are you recommending for this summer?
JS – Clothes with dark shades has been the trend recently. So this summer must be lively and cool colours. Clothes must be a little revealing or else we will suffer from the heat.

Q: What are you into right now?
CS – Exercising
JH – Exercising
WY – Exercising, composing, gaming
NK – Muscle building
JS – Diablo 3 (a game) and exercising
TY – Depends on the person, but seems like they are into composing recently

Q: Taecyeon who said he is in a composer mode had got the fans excited. Before this you’ve also done other activities such as emceeing, acting. What would you like to try after this?
TY – I want to try composing, but I have to practice more on playing the piano

Q: Some of you have solo work and have been featuring with other artists. Who would you want to work with in the future?
JH: Namie Amuro. I want to sing something sexy!
WY – Def Tech
NK – Jongup
JS – Sakayi Yu

Q: Now 2PM’s work is not only restricted to Korea and Japan but also the rest of Asia. How does Nichkhun feel when he first started living in Korea. What was it like then? Did you suffer any hard times?
NK – I’m lucky to have been surrounded by good people so I didn’t suffer much. Everyone was very caring. I appreciate that very much.

Q: Apart from music and performances, Japanese activities have increased recently. There’s also some product endorsements too. You’re already used to Japanese food right?
CS – We have them every lunch time (laughs)
JH – My lunch
WY – Tonkatsu ramen
NK – Tonkatsu ramen
JS – Otoro…we normally eat Japanese food
TY – Ramen

Q: Seems like Chansung’s favourite menu is ramen (laughs). Your Japanese is very well and you learned very fast. Are you helping to tutor Japanese to other members?
CS – If someone asks me I’ll try to answer, but I’m not an expert though

Q: You share your activities with 2AM in the name of ONEDAY right? If you are to leave 2PM one day and form a new group with 2AM, who would you choose to work with?
CS – I want to form a rock band with Jinwoon!
JH – Jinwoon, I want to make rock music!
WY – I don’t know
NK – Everyone

And now, they are doing activities under ONEDAY. We’ll look forward to your work 2PM! And 2PM, thank you all.

Source : K Style , English trans by twooneday , repost by dee@TaecyeonFanID



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