[News] 120608 Beyond the ONEDAY: Complete Premier Preview Report (Q&A w/ One Day & movie director)

7 June – ‘Beyond the ONEDAY ~Story of 2PM & 2AM~’
Complete Premier Preview Report

On 7 June, the complete premier preview of documentary movie ‘Beyond the ONEDAY ~Story of 2PM & 2AM~’ was conducted with 2PM+2AM ‘Oneday’, formed from Asia’s 2 strongest groups, 2PM and 2AM.

This work has been a compilation of the live footage and interviews conducted since the debut of 2PM+2AM ‘Oneday’. Speaking of their own emotional states in their own words, these men who continue running towards their dreams, a touching documentary movie was made.
There was an oversubscription of over 10, 000 people for the 644 places on the actual day itself, the fans who had Lady Luck shone on them started queuing 2 days in advance enjoyed themselves.

ALL: Konnichiwa, we are 2PM+2AM ‘Oneday’!

CS: Thank you very much to all who had come. It turned out really well in my opinion, please do look forward to it if you have not seen it.

– How was it having the movie premier in Japan, and not in Korea?

JS: From the time we began as trainees, practicing together, experiencing that together, I do think of us as a family. That is why I am still yet unable to believe (that the movie) has become a reality, I am happy.

SO: The first filming we had in Japan was of us 10 together, it was fun. It is about the daily life of us 10 people, if everyone were to enjoy it, it would make me happy.

– We do not think that you will be promoting as 10 members of the same group throughout the entire year but are there any especially memorable episodes of the times when you we’re filming together?

JH: When the 10 of us were at the airport, there were many fans who warmly welcomed us, we were all very touched.

JW: There are many scenes of us being all together shown in the movie. Running on the bridge, there are full shots of the 10 of us standing both in the opening and ending. It was especially warm on the day we shot the opening and ending, we were all together, making it really enjoyable.

– There was a scene of all of you visiting the aquarium.

WY: It was really nice filming at the aquarium. Although the camera was on us, it did not feel so much like filming, it was enjoyable as it had this feeling of going out to have fun with the other members.

– There was another scene of all of you riding a yacht, how was it like?

NK: The scenery was extremely beautiful, the meal delicious, the atmosphere was great. If another opportunity arises, I would like to go yachting again with my family.

– The theme song ‘One day’ had been the first time the 10 of you recorded together, how was the experience?

CS: It was truly moving as it was the first time working on the same set from the time we started moving towards our dreams since we first began as trainees.

– JS-san’s own composition ‘No Goodbyes’ has been included as an insert song, it was wonderful!

JS: This is a song I wrote for 2PM+2AM ‘Oneday’, please give it much love.

Director: There are truly many nice songs in this movie used in different scenes, please do enjoy them.

– Finally, please say something to the viewers-to-be of the movie.

Director: Thank you for taking the time to be gathered today. It was slightly uncomfortable being in such proximity with such cool members but I am happy to be here on behalf of the many staff that were involved with this project. I am thankful. The thing that I was most fixated on is the individual colours of the 10 members each. They may be cool, but they have a cute side to themselves. Conducting activities in an unfamiliar land called Japan may have brought them frustrations, that side to them that nobody has seen is shown on the silver screen; please do view the movie. Once again, Oneday is a movie that is focused on the 10 men gathered. Even though it is only presented on the screen, please do enjoy it.

JH: Please enjoy our movie, we will also be putting in our best effort in our activities as 2PM & 2AM, please support us. Thank you very much!

Source : K Style , English trans by twooneday , repost by dee@TaecyeonFanID



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